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Guinn Smith & Co. was established in 1975 with the goal of providing complete financial, accounting and taxation services for ministries, non-profits and general business clients. We have provided quality and timely services to over 2000 churches, ministries, and businesses during our many years of serving clients in the United States and internationally.

We're very familiar with issues and questions unique to religious nonprofit organizations and ministers' personal tax and housing allowance issues. If you have needs in the following areas, we have an experienced staff person to help you.

Our Services Include:

• Audit / Accounting Issues

Financial statements - audited, reviewed or compiled, accounting systems, charts of accounts, accounting for contributions made and received, appropriate accounting methods, accounting for receipts, accounting for disbursements.

Tax Issues - 1040

Individual and ministers' tax returns, IRS audits, employee business expenses including travel and entertainment, auto expenses, housing allowance, tax sheltered annuities, home office deduction, guidelines for charitable giving.

Payroll Issues

Payroll tax returns, deposit requirements, fringe benefits and deferred compensation, housing allowance, ministers' special status, church employees, the election out of the social security system, tuition reduction plans, accountable plans for employee business expenses, employee or contract labor decisions.


Special status for payroll taxes, housing allowances, tax issues, self-employment tax, personal financial statements, compensation, the election out of the social security system.

Tax-Exempt Organizations

Filing requirements, Form 990 Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, Form 990-T (unrelated business income), obtaining exempt status, computer consulting, management advisory services, political activities, losing your tax-exempt status, guidelines for charitable giving, transactions with related parties.

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